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Tjako works as piano teacher and coach too. He teaches:

  • Advanced levels of piano
  • Professionals
  • Accompanists
  • Preparations for entrance exam for conservatory and music highschools
  • Preparations for state exam piano or facultatory piano (other instrumentalists)
  • Coaching of pianists, solists or chamber musicians
  • Repertoire (for piano solo & accompaniments)

Lesson duration according to appointment, lessons usually are given in Tjako's home studio.

Repertoire: mainly classical, but popular/improvisation is also possible.

Featured items in the lessons:

  • Acquiring a decent piano technique
  • Knowledge of the repertoire
  • Interpretation
  • Playing together
  • Improvisation
  • Stage experience
  • Theory
  • Aural training
  • Attitude and movements
  • Presentation

For more info and fees: call +31- 6 5368 1895 or mail to

Tjako also can be approached to provide masterclasses.