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Pianist Tjako van Schie is an acclaimed allround musician. After finishing his piano studies he has been continuously developing new skills in many pianistical fields. Besides playing many solo recitals, doing concert tours, and performing with orchestras, recording cd's and teaching he is well known as accompanist of soloists and as a coach in the field of chamber music. His repertoire is vast, and ranges from Sweelinck, Bach into modern and contemporary music. Besides playing piano Tjako is also working as composer and arranger. Tjako is senior teacher and repetitor at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He also is guest teacher in Porto.

English biography Chronology

Tjako van Schie was born 1961 in Coevorden, The Netherlands. He received his musical education by Ben Smits (who studied with Dinu Lipatti and Clara Haskil) at the Conservatory of Zwolle. After his studies there he followed several masterclasses in a.o. Weimar, where he had lessons with a.o. Jacob Lateiner and Detlef Kraus. He did many concerts in a.o. several European countries, in China, Canada, Venezuela, Antilles, and performed in broadcasts for television and radio. Van Schie nowadays works as performing pianist, teacher at the Conservatorium of  Amsterdam, repetitor, composer, arranger and coach. He is also author of piano related articles. In Porto, Portugal he also works as guest teacher at ESMAE.

He performed several spectacular programs in the past and recorded them on cd: a.o. “The Goldberg Variations BWV 988” (Bach), “Water, source of life” and “Yiddish music from ghetto’s & concentration camps” (with violinist Adriaan Stoet). Besides he played many mixed recitals, as well solo as together with other musicians. Recently he performed Schumann’s “Piano Concerto” in his own arrangement for saxophone orchestra and piano, and Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in blue”.

Tjako van Schie usually strives for performances with a twist. He does not always go the easy road, but tries to take the artistic perspective where standards can be altered or deepened. Besides his highly developed pianistic skills and his poetical nature Tjako has the gift of taking the audience to regions of music beyond the common. His expressive play and modest personality give him the freedom of not focusing on mere virtuosity, but he is reaching for essence. Acclaimed press reviews proof that this quality is seldom seen in nowadays pianists, and that Tjako is very able to proof his point that there’s no life without music.

Besides playing piano Tjako also composes and arranges. Several of his works have been played in public. Also he loves to teach music and has worked with several known musicians from all over the world. For the past 30 years he closely collaborated with saxophonist Henk van Twillert, as well in his saxophone classes as in concerts. Since 2014 he forms a duo with soprano Henriëtte de Groot, performing several programs.

  • 1961: Born in Coevorden NL
  • 1965: Starts playing the piano
  • 1967: Starts with serious pianolessons from mrs. Tine Damen at the Coevorden Music School.
  • 1973: First public concert with orchestra in Haydn's Piano Concert.
  • 1978: Prize winner at Highschool Talent Contest with performing music from Debussy.
  • 1979: After finishing Gymnasium he becomes pianostudent of Ben Smits at the Zwolle Conservatory.
  • 1980: From now on he gives many concerts around Holland and Germany, and starts serious composing.
  • 1983: Graduates for piano teachers exam cum laude
  • 1984: Starts playing with violinist Adriaan Stoet, they still form a duo.
  • 1985: Finishes his piano study with Ben Smits and graduates with the Performers Diplom.
  • 1986: Participation in International Weimar Masterclasses with Jacob Lateiner, Detlef Kraus, Boris Bloch a.o.
  • Tjako becomes the regular accompanist of the Coevorden Male Voice Choir
  • 1986: Tjako van Schie is the only West-European participant in the Vladiguerov Piano Competition in Bulgaria. Broadcasts for television.
  • 1987: Becomes teacher at the Hilversum Comservatory and 2 years later at the Amsterdam Conservatory
  • 1989: Gives besides other concerts also benefit concerts for Amnesty International and the Aids-Fund.
  • 1991: CD-debut with Bach's Goldberg Variations BWV 988. Highly esteemed by press and media around Holland.
  • 1992: Gives a.o. concert in Glenn Gould Festival Groningen NL, with music from a.o. Bach & R. Strauss.
  • 1995: Makes a cd with violinist Adriaan Stoet with Yiddish Music from the ghetto's & concentration camps.
  • 1998: Records second solo CD with music related to water ,as the source of life & inspiration for many composers.
  • 1999: Concerts with Ensemble Colorido, Spanish & French music.
  • 1999: Works from here until now as guest teacher in Conservatorium of Porto in Portugal.
  • 2000: Plays in many concerts, and again several times in Porto.
  • 2001: Concerts and lessons in Porto and Aveiro, Portugal
  • 2001: Prepares new recordings and concerts together with baritone saxophone player Henk van Twillert, with works by Rachmaninoff, transcribed for piano and baritone saxophone.
  • 2001: Concert tours in China, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands.
  • 2002-2003: Gives several concerts and classes in Portugal, England, Netherlands.
  • 2004: Performs as a soloist in Schumann's Piano Concerto, in his own arrangement for the Orquestra Portuguesa des Saxofones in a series of concerts in Holland.
  • 2005: Several concerts in Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands. Re-release of yiddish cd with concerts
  • 2006/2007: Several concerts, a.o. with Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with International Sax Ensemble "Vento do Norte"
  • 2008: Concerts, masterclasses, new cd ("Die Geigen, ja die Geigen!") with violinist Adriaan Stoet, new cd with saxophonist Henk van Twillert
  • 2009: Tour to Venezuela, concerts Netherlands, Portugal, Italy
  • 2010: Tour to Antilles (Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba), concerts Netherlands, Portugal, a.o.
  • 2011: Concerts and masterclasses in Portugal, Netherlands, a.o. Records a
    new triple cd "A Bag of Music"
  • 2012: Concerts and masterclasses in Portugal, Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Maarten
  • 2013: Concerts and masterclasses in Portugal, Netherlands, collaboration with actress Jette van der Meij
  • 2014-2018: Several concerts in the Netherlands
  • 2018: Recorded new cd "Regards to Hollywood" with soprano Henriëtte de Groot