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the duo Adriaan Stoet (violin) & Tjako van Schie (piano)

"They play the music everyone wants to hear but which nobody plays!"

Current Programs:

  •  Yiddish !
    A program with a.o. music from the ghettos and concentration camps and other jiddish classical pieces.
    More extensive program info and CD info here

  •  Italiano!
    Pieces from famous italian composers, like Vivaldi, Locatelli, Veracini, and others.

  •  Exprezzo
    Virtuoso and expressive music from southern european composers from baroque to modern times

  •  Classico
    Sonatas and pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert a.o.

  •  Moviendo
    A special bright cross-over program with various music from famous movies!

  • Die Geigen, ja die Geigen!
    Classical jewels, not often played encores,

Biographical info on the duo can be found here

Bookings/more info: please contact us here

Cd's with Adriaan Stoet & Tjako van Schie: