Bedrich Smetana (1824-1930)

The Czech Bedrich Smetana composed a pianoversion of the symphonical poem 'The Moldau' probably as the starting point for the following orchestral version. The story in short: We listen to the source of the river, the growth into the larger stream, the forest with the hunting people, then the quiet moongladed lake on which small elfs are dancing. As the river continues it passes by a village where we hear traditional Czech wedding music, then the famous Castle Vysherad motive. The river floats through Prague and ends after the St. Johns streams in the Elbe, from where the two rivers debouche into the sea. As far as known Tjako van Schie is the first pianist to have recorded this piano version on cd. In this version we already can spot most of the orchestrations which are unfolded in the known orchestral version..