Tjako van Schie (1961)

The '4 Water Miniatures' by Tjako van Schie (1961) were originally written to serve as background music on a Dutch tv program on water. They are actually small stylish depictions of different water impressions. (They are all formed in the shape of a H2O molecule, i.e. a start, middle section and recapitulation on the start in a slightly different angle).

Source' is a small romantic and lyrical statement on the importance of water to all living creatures.

'Dew' depicts the delicate sensation on an early morning in the garden. Each small drop of dew reflects however the sky above it.

'Reflections' is about the lively sparkling of the sun on the suface of the water.

And finally 'Floating' brings us to the relaxing feeling we experience from the waves when we are for example floating on an air mattress on the water. It brings together some elements of Schuberts 'Auf dem Wasser zu singen' with a Barcarolle rhythm, and consists of rather impressionistic harmonies.