Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

The 'first-rated water-composer' of course is Claude Debussy. His orchestral opus 'La Mèr' gained world fame. Also inspired by water are his piano pieces 'Reflets dans l'eau', 'Des pas sur la neige', 'La cathédrale angloutie', 'Brouillards', 'Poissons d'or', and many others. 'Ondine' is the name of the mythical German waternymphe, who makes sailors dive in the sea when singing her song of seduction. Of course the sailors drown and what's left afterwards is the calm rippling of the watersurface. 'Jardins sous la pluie' (Gardens in the rain) is an impressionistic picture of gardes where after a splashing rain shower the sun emerges again. The style of Debussy is exotic, subtle and above all things colourful.